PCB Engineering

Has your hard drive crashed, your PCB Manufacturer went out of business and you lost all of your gerber data? If so ICT has you covered. Some of our customers find themselves needing to order printed circuit boards but they don’t have the electronic data to do so. We can create electronic data from films, pdf plots, DXF files and even boards themselves. Once your gerber generation is complete we can manufacture your PCB’s for you and get you the product your customers require!

Printed Circuit Board Design

  • Single and Double-Sided
  • Multi-Layer
  • Flex and Rigid/Flex
  • High Density Surface Mount
  • Analog, Digital and Mixed Designs
  • Impedance Control
  • Differential Pairs

At Integrated Circuit Technologies we are here for our customers. We know that our customers demand the best quality. ICT accomplishes that by staying at the forefront of technology. Adherence to the highest quality of standards means, quality materials, quality components, equals a quality product. Let ICT quote your project today and see what separates us from the rest. QUALITY!

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